Need Help Listening?

Troubleshooting Guide To Receive The Gospel Hiway KGHY

We realize some computers have a hard time getting the Windows Media player to stream our signal. There are a few ways to receive our audio. Try these links below.

Web Browser Player

Listen Live A – Standard Quality
Listen Live B – High Quality

Listen with your computers media player – (You will need one of these players for the High Quality Stream.) (iTunes, QuickTime Player, RealPlayer, Winamp, AIMP, XBMC, XMPlay, VLC media player, Rhythmbox, or foobar2000.)

Listen Link A – Standard Quality
Listen Link B – High Quality Stream

If you want to have our audio link on your desktop, do as follows…Drag one of these links above to your desktop or right click one of them and click “copy shortcut” then on your desktop right click again and choose “paste shortcut”. Now just click from your desktop to be able to hear us.

If you are having trouble listening please read these suggestions:

Browser update: Make sure you have installed the latest version of your browser. We suggest using Internet Explorer, but you can also use Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, and the new Firefox browser to launch your favorite stream.

Windows Media Player update:
Make sure you have installed the latest version of Windows Media Player. The latest, Version 12, can be downloaded for free at the link below:

Windows Updates: Make sure you have performed all of your ‘Windows Updates’. This will ensure that you have all the latest software patches and fixes. To check your system for available Windows Updates click on the link below:

Pop-up Blockers: Pop-up blocker software will prevent the player window from opening. Examples of ‘pop-up’ blocker software include the Google and Yahoo Toolbars, Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security. Most ‘pop-up blocker’ software can be temporarily disable by holding down the <Crtl> key while you click on the listen link. MAC USERS – You can disable the pop-up blocker for just one window by holding down the control ‘z’ while clicking on the link.

You can find out if you have a toolbar running with a built-in pop-up blocker feature by doing the following:

Open Internet Explorer, Click on View on the top of the window; click Toolbar at the top of the list. Check the list of current toolbars; you should have:

Standard Buttons

Address Bar Links

Lock the Toolbars


Any other item that differs from this list could be a toolbar that includes a pop-up blocker. At this point, you are going to need to look into the options of the toolbar listed to find out how to disable the pop-up blocker feature or how to add the station you want to listen to to the allowed pop-ups.

Firewalls: Many places of business are employing the use of a firewall to keep a handle on the Internet traffic going to and from their network. A firewall is configured to help stop malicious activities from harming the network. To find out how to configure ZoneAlarm and Norton Internet Security, click the following link:

Links for Mac Users

Use the links below to download and install the needed software for your system. Please read the installation instructions carefully as you may need to remove your previous version of software prior to upgrading or re-installing.

Internet Explorer 5.2.3 for Mac OS X Internet Explorer 5.1.7 for Mac OS 8.1 to 9.x Windows Media Player 7.1 for Mac Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X

Important Information!

Even if you have tried all these troubleshooting measures, it is still possible that there is a local network issue that creates connection problems for you while others can listen perfectly. The company you obtain your Internet signal from could have installed a new piece of equipment, implemented a firewall, or a router could be updating its IP table and it takes up to 24 hours to complete. Check with your Internet Service Provider or local computer technician for additional information about your streaming trouble.