Promote Our Event

Even though we are a non-commercial station, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allows us to do promotional announcements for non-profit organizations. Therefore, we sell announcements to promote revivals, concerts, and other church related events.


  • $125 package has 60 spots aired on KGHY.
  • $225 package has 140 spots aired on KGHY.
  • Your promotional event will be placed into a rotation for an even distribution.
  • $500 to have the KGHY Crew at your event for a 3 hour LIVE remote broadcast.
  • Promotional events could be subject to scheduling availability.

    For more information contact Otis at (409)299-3339 or 888-477-4273.


    We want to always be consistent with what airs on KGHY, All productions are done through KGHY. We will produce the announcement without charge.